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Monday, July 11, 2011


We praise GOD for this answer to prayer!! We got our LOA (letter of acceptance) today for Jacob!! This is great news. We have been waiting for about 75 days now. What a great celebration! We are waiting for Bethany Joy's to come now too. Hopefully & prayerfully, it will be any day. There are times this road seemed so long. It is incredible to know we will be making travel plans soon.

Our next step involves sending paperwork to the US government (I800 approval). That approval will lead to documents over to China and US consulate in China. We will get travel dates to finally get to hold our little people.

The LOA marks another special step for us. We have permission to send a care package to our children. We can write a personal letter (will be translated for them) to our child and send photos of our family, house, doggie, & life here in Arkansas. We can send gifts and even items for their caregivers. We feel so grateful to China for allowing us to adopt these precious kids. We feel grateful to God for allowing us to walk this road of adoption. More & more it has ministered to our hearts...just how much God pursues each one of us, He paid a price for us, He draws us to Himself and calls us His own.


Thank you for your faithful prayers!

With great joy,
Art & Jen

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