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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday AM.... time is flying .... going to post some pics from yesterday....spent almost all our time helping with children... what a privilege to be in China & to be serving here.... Jen & Allie working lots with babies... Art & Zach working lots with preschool ages... they really do long for families... 5 being adopted this week....so amazing to hear their little hearts, so proud of their family photo books, heard a story that one little guy (4 yrs) ...when his ayi (aunt or nanny) came in to wake him up yesterday... he was fuzzy & sleepy... he said, "is this the day ...are my mommy & daddy here now?" So amazed to see scripture alive... as we talked about how God really does place the lonely in families. What an amazing day it will be for him to be able to experience the love & security of a family. Check out the picture of Art & Zach with the little boy on the bike. It doesnt seem like a big deal but it is a huge deal. That little boy cannot walk. Bikes are so common here. I wish I could have captured the first glimpses of his face as Art & Zach helped him to ride the bike all over the playground. None of us could keep dry eyes. We LOVE China... the people, the food, everything. It will be hard to leave here on Sat. Only thing that makes it easier is that we are going to our kiddos.... in less than one week ...we will hold our Bethany Joy ... ready to show her love & security of our home.... Cannot wait!!! Thanks for praying for us. Still major sleep issues.... waking up at 1 to 2 am and really having trouble going back to sleep. More soon! Love you!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prayer for some dear friends....

We are on our lay-over in O'Hare in Chicago. Zach had his deep dish pizza for dinner (part of his wish list on this trip). We are boarding flights to Beijing at 9:05 pm tonight. We will arrive in Beijing on Thurs night at 11:50 PM China time. We will go thru customs & then take about 1 hr drive to where we will serve for the week. We are praying that all of us will do ok adjusting with sleep. Thinking lots of holding our kiddos.

Would you take a moment to pray for a special family? We are thinking lots of some friends who live here in the Chicago area. The Dad is battling cancer and things are at a very serious point tonight. Please pray for our dear friends (the Petersons). He has faithfully served the Lord & his family. Pray with us that God would meet them in all of their needs right now. This family is so special to us & it's hard to believe we are here and they are nearby at the hospital going through so much. Thank you for lifting this precious family in prayer.

Grateful for you all,
Art, Jen, Allie & Zach

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Countdown!!

Hi All!

Thank you to so many who have called or sent emails to let us know you are praying. Your kindness & encouragement means so very much to us.

There are lots of thoughts racing through our minds....most of all.... what an incredible privilege we have to visit China & adopt these precious kids.

Here is the schedule below. We will blog as much as time & technology will allow.

China trip….

  • Oct 26-Nov 5 Beijing & surrounding area ... volunteer time as a family 

  • Nov 5-Nov 8 Changsha ...Bethany Joy "gotcha day" on Mon, Nov 7th

  • Nov 8-Nov 14 Fuzhou .... Jacob "gotcha day" on Tues, Nov 8th -- paperwork & med. cks.

  • Nov 14-Nov 20 Guangzhou  .... consulate appointment & final paperwork

We love you!
Art, Jen, Allie & Zach

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Overdue Update!

Thank you to everyone who is following along. We will post our schedule in the next couple of days.

We will leave for China this Wed, Oct 26th and return close to mid-night on Sun, Nov 20th.

This is such an exciting time for our family. Thank you for caring & for praying.  We are especially sensitive that Bethany Joy & Jacob will be leaving everything they have ever know in the way of security, comfort and safety. Please pray for their hearts & ours. We want to be able to comfort them and meet their needs as they try to understand all that is changing. We pray they will feel our love & joy.

You could also be praying about our volunteer time during the first week of our trip. The four of us will serve at an orphanage. Pray that we can be a blessing.

More soon......