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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Went into Beijing today to see spend time with some co-workers... it was a great day..... to all our CA friends.... you have never seen traffic until you have seen Beijing traffic....makes the 91 & LA traffic look like a piece of cake....wow...praying lots & in shock as our driver drove wrong direction on freeway to take us on a short cut..... YIKES!!! Much of the traffic was standing still with folks outside of vehicles walking around..... some areas people drive up on sidewalks..... nobody obeys traffic laws .... pedestrians & bicyclists everywhere ...wow!! Allie & Zach said they loved today & cannot wait to tell all their friends about it! Dad & Mom loved today also.... but taking some deep breaths & appreciating being off the road tonight!! :) What a great adventure!!! Mon, Tues & Wed will be full days working in the foster home area with the kiddos. More marriage classes Tues & Wed....

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  1. Just watched your slide show, couldn't see it for the tears! I am so thrilled, your faces tell the story of your hearts! Praying for you daily! Love you all! kathryn