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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday AM.... time is flying .... going to post some pics from yesterday....spent almost all our time helping with children... what a privilege to be in China & to be serving here.... Jen & Allie working lots with babies... Art & Zach working lots with preschool ages... they really do long for families... 5 being adopted this week....so amazing to hear their little hearts, so proud of their family photo books, heard a story that one little guy (4 yrs) ...when his ayi (aunt or nanny) came in to wake him up yesterday... he was fuzzy & sleepy... he said, "is this the day ...are my mommy & daddy here now?" So amazed to see scripture alive... as we talked about how God really does place the lonely in families. What an amazing day it will be for him to be able to experience the love & security of a family. Check out the picture of Art & Zach with the little boy on the bike. It doesnt seem like a big deal but it is a huge deal. That little boy cannot walk. Bikes are so common here. I wish I could have captured the first glimpses of his face as Art & Zach helped him to ride the bike all over the playground. None of us could keep dry eyes. We LOVE China... the people, the food, everything. It will be hard to leave here on Sat. Only thing that makes it easier is that we are going to our kiddos.... in less than one week ...we will hold our Bethany Joy ... ready to show her love & security of our home.... Cannot wait!!! Thanks for praying for us. Still major sleep issues.... waking up at 1 to 2 am and really having trouble going back to sleep. More soon! Love you!!!

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