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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Countdown!!

Hi All!

Thank you to so many who have called or sent emails to let us know you are praying. Your kindness & encouragement means so very much to us.

There are lots of thoughts racing through our minds....most of all.... what an incredible privilege we have to visit China & adopt these precious kids.

Here is the schedule below. We will blog as much as time & technology will allow.

China trip….

  • Oct 26-Nov 5 Beijing & surrounding area ... volunteer time as a family 

  • Nov 5-Nov 8 Changsha ...Bethany Joy "gotcha day" on Mon, Nov 7th

  • Nov 8-Nov 14 Fuzhou .... Jacob "gotcha day" on Tues, Nov 8th -- paperwork & med. cks.

  • Nov 14-Nov 20 Guangzhou  .... consulate appointment & final paperwork

We love you!
Art, Jen, Allie & Zach


  1. Wow! Can't believe the time has come! Wish we could hide in your luggage :) Love you guys!!