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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Updates & pictures!!

This is a pretty exciting time! We were able to send care packages to the kiddos in July. We have now received new pictures & updates for both of them! Enjoy the pics & pray for them. We are mindful that huge transitions are coming. We want desperately for both kids to know they are precious, safe & loved by us but even more importantly by Jesus!

We were able to send the gifts & cake. Our hearts wonder about the stories of the other kiddos in the pics. Do they have adoptions in the works? Do they long for the day they will have their cake party too? Praying for them to know the love of parents & a home, too!

Ms. Bethany Joy seems to be growing & getting stronger! Look at those beautiful feet & toes! Oh...that beautiful fuzzy hair. We cannot wait to hold her & tell her how much we love her already. We were told she weighs only 15 lbs. She is itty bitty. Zachary weighed about 30 lbs at her age. 

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