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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Evening for us..... we are exhausted & so blessed..... counting down now... we leave tomorrow- Sat afternoon for the airport.... we will fly to Changsha for our Gotcha Day with Bethany Joy. All of us are so ready. We posted another photo book to share. We have been able to see much of Bejing. What a great experience. Summer Palace & Hutong Tour were our most favorite things. We are starting to adjust with sleep...waking around 5 am now.... so grateful for the added rest. Hopefully, we will be able to keep this up as we get the kiddos. We have met some incredible families here also coming to adopt. We met a precious family from Alabama. They are here adopting 2 kiddos to bring them to a total of 10 children- 4 of whom are adopted from China. We exchanged contact info and we look forward to keeping in touch. They have the exact same consulate appointment in Guangzhou. ALso, they are traveling to Fuzhou at the same time we are, too. We are excited to get to know this family more. OK... enjoy the pics. Off to bed for us.... much love to all of you.... thank you for praying for us!

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