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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We are home!

Hello friends- We are home.... ahhhh... soft beds. We feel so thankful for such kind, brave, amazing friends who greeted us at the airport in the middle of the night. Thank you for the sweet welcome home for us & our kiddos.

We are all wide awake in the middle of the night...maybe we should have done more research on how to transition the kiddos with the jetlag/time change. You can be sure we will be in for some major adjustment this week. We are all exhausted, but happy to be home & sharing our life with BJ & J. We are praying & looking to God as He knits all of our hearts together.

We brought Lucas home tonight. This was a big step with J. He had mentioned to our guides that he was scared of the dog. What great fun to see J snuggle up in our laps & watch us pet Lucas. J then stretched his little arm out & gave Lucas a scratch. He was so excited & celebrated with Mama and Baba. What joy to walk this road. We are thanking God for every opportunity to build connections with our kiddos.

Much love from all of us...

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Scott and I were sitting here tonight talking about all the precious friends we met in China. We started talking about you all and I confessed I had looked everywhere for your info~ lost. I said I wish we could remember their names... he thought for a minute and blurted out Art... I wrote art in the address window. Low and behold, your blog popped up and here we are. We would love to keep in touch and know what you all are doing. At last we talked, you were praying about where God would lead. We have big news too so email me if you wish. This may be weird, but we feel very close to you all even though we didn't get to hang out. Blessings and love,
    Sharon and Scott Ankerich