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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hi Friends... going to post briefly tonight. Some of you are able to view pics & some of you say you cannot. So sorry! We dont know what to do differently. We have BJ. Gotcha Day went a lot better than we had anticipated. We are grateful for your prayers. We felt them. Our girl is doing pretty well. We are asking for prayers for her to be able to eat (she refused her bottle tonight) and sleep (so far still walking the halls with her- 2 hrs past bedtime). Art is taking a shift & I am posting quickly. We will try to post some pics tomorrow. The directors and nannies at the orphanage were very kind to us. They spent a lot of time and let us video a lot. They allowed us to interview the nannies and ask detailed questions about BJ's life, routines, etc. They were great. Also, they took our family to lunch while BJ napped today. That was very special. Lots more to share, but just no time for now. We are tired & our girl is tired. Praying for sleep for all. Allie & Zach are great. They have been incredible helpers & they are so excited. Paperwork in the AM. Plane leaves about 4 pm. This guide says we will probably get Jacob on Wed am. OK... more later. Again, thank you for your prayers.


  1. Just like new parents- remember those sleepless nights. She will warm up to your love - new environment - sure it is scarry even though she has no clue how safe she is- learning to trust as we with God. I think Ally and Zach will be great comofort for both kids -
    I got smilebox to work painfully - go to smile box slide show -hit on it brief comes up then disappears -I hit refresh over it and it finally comes YEAHHHHH
    Rest family

  2. Don't worry about her not eating too much the first couple days.....do make sure she stays hydrated though, drinking all she wants. As she settles in her appetite will settle in as well. Continuing to pray for you all.

  3. praying! gabby refused bottle, only ate real food, had to spoon feed water, gabby sat up in crib, but didnt cry, youll make it! prayn!

  4. Sleepless nights are hard. You are so strong so I know you will get through it. She will get the hang of it soon and be eating and sleeping well. We can't wait to get you all home to the States to meet our new family members.

    Hugs to you all.

  5. So happy you have your girl in your arms! Don't worry about routines right now. Just focus on loving her and helping her adjust. Once she settles down and gets used to things, she will develop a new routine. Jessie never followed her old routine. Everything changed :) Love you guys and our prayers are with you!