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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Introducing Caleb!!

THANK YOU for your prayers!

We are overwhelmed by God's provision, faithfulness & power. Please join us in praising Him & acknowledging Him. Caleb has joined Baba & Zach at the hotel in Jinan. Art was able to pass along gifts for the staff & children in the orphanage. There are so many praises!

There are many details to share with all of you. Caleb's 14th birthday is June 3rd. Dragon Boat Festival shuts government offices down in China from May 30-June 2. We had to take custody this week in order for this adoption to work.

Two weeks ago we still had a couple of months of adoption process to accomplish. Normally families travel after these steps are done. We were waiting on NVC approval,  Article 5, a travel approval notice (TA) and  a consulate appointment (CA) to be set at US consulate in Guangzhou.

The Lord allowed everything to come together. He used WACAP adoption agency. He used our local Congressman/Tim Griffin's office staff. He brought favor with both US & China.

We stand in awe of our Lord!

Art shared some great stories from their first hours together:

"Zach is doing a great job being a friend, leader and big-little brother.  I had the guide explain who Zach was... that Zach was his little brother... just by a little bit. I asked Caleb... how did it feel to be a big brother?....  Caleb smiled :).
Caleb started to relax a little after dinner. We went back to our room. Caleb asked Zach if he could watch TV.  Zach said that he would have to ask me when I got out of the shower. When I came out of the bathroom Zach prompted Caleb to ask me. And he did ask for the TV. I got the Google translator and said that this was the time for us to learn to be a family together, not watch TV together. Caleb smiled and nodded his head.
When we all were going to bed  I prayed for us.  Zach did his ten happy things. Caleb had a confused look on his face so I got Google translate out again and explained that every night we think of ten things that we are thankful for and he nodded.
Caleb went to bed with a little stuffed bear. I asked about the bear’s name. He said he didn't  know so I said think about it and you can name him tomorrow. Caleb grinned.  
God is amazing!"
We appreciate your continued prayers for Caleb. Art also shared that Caleb is very, very thin. We would appreciate prayers that he would begin to heal, eat well, receive our love & most of all.... come to know Jesus as Lord.
The next two weeks will be packed with paperwork, official appointments, & medical clearance, etc. We continue to put all of our trust and hope in Jesus. Thank you for standing with us & praying for us!
To GOD be the glory-
By HIS grace & for HIS glory-
Art, Jen, Allie, Mercy, Caleb, Zachary, Jacob, Zoey & Bethany 
"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing..."    Psalm 68:5-6
Facetime early Sat am (Arkansas time)
Gotcha Day- Caleb meets Baba & Zach
Some areas around hotel


 First dinner together
On the home front-
Some pics with Mama's crew!
Only one of the group - imagine Allie's beautiful blue eyes open!

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  1. Oh Jen! This brings tears to my eyes! I am so happy for Caleb! Can't wait to meet him.