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Friday, May 30, 2014

Work & play

The boys have been busy with paperwork & medical clearance. Art said Caleb was a trooper with exams & shots. We are waiting results for TB testing so we can move forward with next steps. We are eager to hear all clear.

Thank you for praying for bonding & attachment. Caleb is eager to exchange & connect with the boys & the rest of us on the phone. He loves our family bedtime songs & routine. He is already a joy to us. Our hearts swell with love, compassion, and tenderness for all that Caleb has experienced in his young life. We pray for healing, hope & a future with Jesus for this precious young man.

Caleb doesn't know how to swim but he was eager to get into the pool with Baba & Zach. Zach said he is learned a lot about sharing Baba & being patient. Thank you to those of you whom are praying this would be an incredible growing experience for our Zach-man.

Next, they are looking forward to connecting with a dear friend whom lives locally in Guangzhou. This has been a very special part of our other adoption trips. We are excited for Caleb to meet this wonderful friend.

Caleb's favorite food seems to be congee (a sort of rice porridge). Mama is getting some practice in again to bring that back to our menu. It will be interesting to see if the other kiddos enjoy it again. We haven't made it in a while.

He was willing to take an adventure & try Hawaiian pizza with the boys. It was a hit.

Thank you for continuing to pray for paperwork, favor, bonding, attachment, and lots of transitions ahead. We are grateful for your support & kindness.

With much love & many thanks-

Jen & kiddos

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