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Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep praying!

Please keep praying!

We talked with the boys this am. They were heading to bed after a long day.

Art asked that we continue to pray for paperwork issues. The TA document had not yet arrived in province & it resulted in some complications for the process today.

Please pray that documents would arrive in the places they need to be & the process would move forward without complication.

Caleb is doing pretty well. We are filled with compassion for him. All of this must be so scary & overwhelming... the idea of leaving all he has ever known, the language differences, these two giant guys towering over him :) ... so much more.

Art shared a sweet story about bedtime ....

"The boys got showers and into their beds.  I prayed and did 10 happy things with Zach. I asked Caleb though the Google translator if he had 5 things that he was thankful for. He held up his hand and thoughtfully counted off five things. He smiled and snuggled back into bed."

Look at the boys together below. It's hard to believe Caleb is the bigger brother! Being out in public can be hard on these kiddos. We remember that so well with Mercy. Folks would take pictures and crowd around to look at the foreigners.  They are experiencing some of that now. It seems to be hard on Caleb.

We are praying that Caleb would grow more & more comfortable with Baba & Zach. We are praying for the beginning of bonding, attachment, and trust. We are praying for connection & fun together. Zach brought Uno, Checkers and a couple of other games. They are enjoying those very much. Caleb seems most comfortable in the room without the pressure of the public/audience.

Thank you for caring about our family & praying with us. We feel incredibly blessed by all of you.

With love from all the Powells




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