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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pinnacle Park

Poor Caleb gets really car sick even in the shortest trips. We moved him up to the front today. Eager to do some research & talk with the doctor regarding this. In the meantime, trying some essential oils and some proprioceptive/vestibular activities (trampoline, etc.). He really dreads going in the car, but eventually enjoyed the destination.
We went to the Chinese grocery in our area. We let the kids pick out some favorite things. We had a quick stop at the ministry and then headed to Pinnacle Park today. Zoey navigated really well with her cane. All the kids had a blast. We didn't even mind the heat & steamy air too much.
Thank you for your continued prayers. Caleb is now most comfortable (understandable) with Mercy so he defers to her a lot. He looks to her for help in most situations now. This is not ideal for an adoption scenario. Baba and Mama want to be the ones he looks to & counts on to meet his needs. Join us in praying for wisdom & discernment. We want to bond as a family & be together as a unit. We need to decide how much to pull these two apart for outings, etc.
Mercy had some sweet moments today of explaining Jesus to Caleb. She told us that he asked lots of questions about why we pray & why we go to church. She shared their conversation with us. It was precious.
She said, "Baba & Mama love Jesus and the Bible very much. It's why they adopted you. They prayed and He told them to give you a home. He told her that he thought she told us to adopt him. She said yes, but they prayed & Jesus told them yes most of all.
She told him, " Jesus died for you and for me and for them." He said, "who is Jesus and why did he do this?" She explained that we are all bad & have sin. He was shocked that she said that to him. She went on to share their wonderful conversation about how we all have sin and we all need Jesus.
We told her she was really brave. What an incredible road we are walking. Some precious friends brought dinner tonight & stayed a little bit to visit. It ministered such encouragement to our hearts.
We had some hard things today too. We are very aware of spiritual battle tonight.
We are feeling really tired. We appreciate your prayers for protection over our family & our marriage. Pray we would stay strong & keep our eyes fixed on Him.
We are praying He would be glorified in our lives.
Art & Jen


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