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Monday, August 12, 2013

Day in Jinan- Tuesday Update!

We are grateful for your continuing prayers. Today was very full and busy with hours of paperwork. It was a little bit rough at times. Mercy is trying to figure this all out for sure. We can only imagine the fears, excitement and countless other emotions she is feeling right now. We are blessed to be in a travel group with 3 other families. These 4 kiddos are all being adopted from the same orphanage this week. One of those girls is the same age as Mercy- one of her closest friends. It is both a blessing and a struggle. Mercy wanted to retreat with her much of today. Communication is easier and more comfortable. Relationship is already established. History is there. It is easier to buddy with her than with these new, strange parents. :) We had to work hard on maintaining communication, touch and relationship today. Pray for our two families to have wisdom as we navigate these waters. This other family is wonderful and we are so excited to have this connection. This will likely be a relationship for long term as we help these girls to maintain some roots. We are praying for some good beginning to bonding, attachment & connection in the next couple of days- as we have some alone time. We did some coloring and puzzle fun in the room tonight. She seems to like making artwork a lot. Her behavior, interests and social skills are much younger than a 13 yr old. We are praying for wisdom and the long road ahead. 

We do not have any blog or Facebook access. Sweet Meredith is handling everything and everyone back home. She has added blog editor and chief to her title, as well. Thank you to those of you who are praying for her and our kids back home. BJ is eating well. We are praising God.We are so grateful. However, BJ is not sleeping great. Please pray Meredith will get much needed rest.  

The Lord is ministering hope and encouragement to us. We have read the right scriptures at the right times. We are so grateful for your faithful prayers and support. 

We love you and thank God for you. 
Hugs from China. 

Art & Jen 

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