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Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday PM Update

Hello! Greetings from Changsha! We made it. We have some air conditioning and some reliable internet. We feel so grateful for these things we normally take for granted. Wow, what a blessing to feel cool again.

Mercy did very well with her first airplane trip. She did really well with Dad and Mom to herself. It really made a big difference for her to have to depend on us and not on a guide. She did a little better in public today. She is learning a few words in English. She is learning little by little to say please and thank you. She seems excited to get Zoey tomorrow.

Our guide here is AWESOME! She seems so comfortable and experienced with older kids. She is really helping to set some initial boundaries for Mercy. What a great help! 

She told us we will get Zoey about 9:30 on Tuesday AM. She said we will be getting her at the civil affairs office and then continue with paperwork for much of the day. We have had several preparation discussions with Mercy. She has expressed excitement about getting a Mei Mei (little sister in Chinese). She seems to want to help. She seems to understand that she may be scared, emotional and unpredictable. She seems to understand that Baba and Mama need to do the caretaking. We appreciate all of your prayers for the transitions over the next few days. We look forward to updating you as soon as we can. 

So grateful for your faithful prayers- 
With love from China- 
Art, Jen & Mercy 

PS: Thank you for praying about Jen's swelling. Her symptoms are almost gone. We appreciate continued prayer as she comes to mind. We are expected to see temps near 100's for the remainder of our travels in Changsha and Guangzhou. Art is battling a head cold or allergies. It's hard to tell. Thanks for praying for him, too! 

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