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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon- Changsha

Hi Friends-

We are doing well. Both Zoey & Mercy are continuing to adjust. It has gone better than expected. We think the common language is a HUGE blessing. Mercy is allowing us to be the caregivers, but she will chime in and help with communication. It is amazing. Zoey definitely looks to Mercy for cues. It is a wonderful blessing that Mercy is pointing her to us and giving us the stamp of approval. Zoey let us bathe her last night. She slept well with Baba and Mama. We started the day with both girls eating well. These are all great reports. Zoey has had a few teary moments, but allows us to comfort her. Zoey's vision surprise is just thrilling to us. She could see her jammies last night. She was so excited to match Mama and Jie Jie. It was great.

We spent the morning at a park nearby. We are in a waiting period for paperwork here. It is so hot, but it was fun to be outside together and share some experiences. Many of the parks here have small amusement areas. Mercy was excited to ride a few rides with us. Zoey jumped in on the action too. We ending the morning with feeding the koi fish in the pond with a thousand other people. It was fun.

Mercy has this deep innate sense of justice or compassion. The day she fed the turtles with Baba we could tell she was trying to get food to the smallest turtles. She did it again today with the koi fish. She worked hard to get away from the big fish and she stretched far to reach the smaller fish on the outskirts. It was amazing to see that in her. We are praying GOD would grow that compassion and fill her with HIS purposes for her life. We are praying HE would use that part of her for HIS glory. Obviously she has some life experiences under that. It will be amazing to learn more of her story as her English comes along. She has very tender, compassionate and patient interactions with Zoey. It is precious to us.

On the way home from the park, we stopped for lunch. Zoey ordered chicken feet! She enjoyed ever bit of them. On the walk back to the hotel, she wanted to wear Jie Jie's backpack. She giggled and smiled as we all called her the Jie Jie. 

Mama is going to have to work on a chicken feet recipe!! Not sure the rest of the kids are going to be as excited as this girlie! :) 

Please keep praying for Meredith as she is starting to feel better back at home. 

We are heading to the hotel pool this afternoon and we have plans to see a friend we have here in Changsha! So blessed to be walking this road. 

So grateful for your prayers! 
Love from China, 
Art, Jen, Mercy & Zoey 

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