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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday AM- US Consulate Day

What a day! We woke up early to go to the US Consulate for our final paperwork & oath ceremony. It went well. TB tests are clear. Everything is looking good. US visas will be ready for pick up tomorrow and we will fly first thing on Thursday AM from Hong Kong.

We are just astonished by all that has taken place during these adoptions. We made it before Mercy's 14th birthday....only days but we made it! God provided resources we did not have.

He orchestrated care for our children back at home. Meredith has poured out her life & served our family. It has not been easy for her. We are so very grateful & we are praying He would bless her over & over again for her sacrifice. We had not yet been away from Jacob or BJ at night. They did well: emotionally & physically. BJ continued to eat. Allie & Zach both stepped up in big ways to help. Our kids blessed us with their willingness to honor God.

Folks encouraged us through prayer, giving, love, meals, texts & emails. Dear friends stepped up to take night shifts with BJ and support Meredith. We could never repay all that you have done to help our family. We are so grateful. Thank you.

We could go on & on. We have so much for which to be thankful. It has been a hard trip at times and yet, He has used it to grow us in countless ways. All of it has drawn us closer to Him- in desperate need, in gratitude, in worship and in surrender. We are in awe.

He has used this trip to remind us of what He has done for us. He laid down His life for us. He adopted us. He calls us His own.

We just cannot get over what Jesus Christ has done for us. He has rescued our lives from hell. He has made payment for our sin by His blood- His death on the cross. He rose in victory & power. He is alive & active in our lives: leading us & teaching us about the abundant life. He is teaching us to lay down our lives & follow Him! What an amazing privilege. We are so grateful He has opened our eyes, adopted us & calls us His own. We want so much for others to know HIS love & forgiveness, too!

We are prayerful you would come to know HIM as Lord & Savior - if you don't already know HIM! He loves you so very much!

Thank you for loving us & praying for us!

All our hearts,
Art, Jen, Mercy & Zoey

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