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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday afternoon- Zoey Gotcha Day

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deut 31:8

We are so excited to share our day with you. He has gone ahead of us and behind us. Also, we have a couple of critical prayer requests.

First, would you step up prayers for Meredith? She is sick and in bed. Our dear friends, the Abbotts are handling the kids and playing back up crew. We are so grateful. Please pray for complete healing for our sweet Meredith. She needs us to lift her up right now. Thank you.

Next, we have Zoey. Please continue to pray for all of us in transition. The first hour was rough. We could see her arriving in the parking lot below. She was crying and trying to get away. It broke our hearts. They brought her upstairs to us.  She was screaming and crying to go home. She was calling for her foster parents. I (Jen) fell in love with Art all over again as I watched  him carry Zoey around the room and try to comfort her. He cried right along with her as did I. It is painful to watch a child hurt so deeply. My husband is a hero to me and I am so blessed to watch him lead our family through all of this right now.

Zoey did calm down some and we learned much more about our precious new daughters (yes, daughters)! Mercy took to her new role as Jie Jie (big sister in Chinese) in an amazing way. She was eager to take photos and handle the video camera. She was eager to wait in the wings and help when she could. She is so tender with Zoey. We were stunned. There was no complaining or grumbling or boredom. She was engaged. She was softened. It is BEAUTIFUL! She rubs her sisters cheeks and looks out for her. Wow! We told her again and again with the guide's help that we were so proud of her. We told her she is an excellent big sister. She seemed so happy, sweet and proud. Their common language is going to be a special bond for these two. This beginning together is so very precious.

OK.... big news. Zoey definitely has some sight. She can see some out of her left eye. She can play with us, navigate stairs and she can walk with little help in public. She is interested in books. She has to pull them very close to her face but she CAN SEE to some degree! She even turns books right side up and adjusts toys so they are facing a correct direction. She definitely has severely impaired vision, but she also has some sight. We were mentally prepared for complete blindness and we love her either way. It is VERY EXCITING to have the opportunity to connect by eye contact in a small way. She LOVES books. She wants to sit and flip pages. She wants to play ball. She is a big eater, too.

We are just blown away by GOD's plan in all of this. He is using both girls to comfort each other and take the focus off of themselves. Mercy seems much less self conscience. She seems so relieved. We know there are many hard roads ahead, but we are filled with so much hope and encouragement today. We are grateful to see a glimpse of GOD's handiwork in the details.

We are absolutely in love with both girls. What an unbelievable journey. Thank you, Lord, for leading us, providing for us, carrying us, and holding us up when we have nothing in our own power to walk this road. We just keep thinking ...what if we followed our fear and what if we missed this? What if we gave into the worry, the doubt, the easier road? we could have missed the pure joy we experienced today as we witnessed GOD giving both of these girls a taste of being in a family. Their stories are being re-written and so are ours!

We know there are so many hard things ahead. We are just feeling HIS presence in a powerful way today. We are grateful for your prayers and your part in this story, too.

Now... we are so eager to add the rest of the Powell troops to the mix. These two have no idea the fun that awaits them at home. We are in tears and so grateful to GOD for HIS kindness. If you have been praying for us, would you just stop for a moment and acknowledge GOD with us? THANK HIM for answering prayers and working in all of these circumstances. Please also take some time to lift Meredith.

We are so very grateful.

Please keep praying for us.

Pressing forward and calling on the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST!
Art, Jen, Mercy & Zoey

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